RB is introducing the Nurofen Sinus Range, comprising Nurofen Sinus & Blocked Nose and Nurofen Sinus Pain Relief, to its leading pain relief portfolio this autumn to help those who suffer with sinus pain and nasal congestion.


The UK decongestant category is currently worth £96m* with 7.3m sinus sufferers. Research shows that nearly all sufferers self-treat and over half treat with an analgesic alone (without a decongestant).**

Over and above cold and flu incidents, patients can suffer from a combination of nasal congestion & sinus pain or sinus pain alone, without other cold symptoms. For many sinus problems occur more frequently and last longer than cough & sore throat – with an average 13 episodes per year.***

The Nurofen Sinus range is the only ibuprofen based Sinus range available at GSL for Sinus pain and congestion. It contains ibuprofen (200mg), which targets pain and has anti-inflammatory properties, combined here with a powerful decongestant (5mg Phenylephrine) which constricts the blood vessels in the nose; this helps open up the nasal passages to make breathing easier, hence providing relief from sinus pain and blocked nose for up to 8h.

Nurofen Sinus & Blocked Nose 16 tablets RRP £5.49

Nurofen Sinus Pain Relief 16 tablets RRP £5.49

Nurofen Sinus & Blocked Nose and Nurofen Sinus Pain Relief will be supported by a £4m promotional campaign launching in October 2015 and scheduled to run until January 2016.

Commenting on the launch Craig Shaw, RB Marketing Director for Nurofen said, ‘This is a significant development for the sinus pain market. We know that there is huge brand loyalty with 66% of shoppers looking for well-known brands that they can trust to be efficacious when they buy their winter medicines. We also know that 75% of shoppers look for specific symptom relief on pack so clear signposting on packaging is key to enabling a customer make an informed purchase. As such we are anticipating high consumer demand for our new Nurofen Sinus products.”
* Nielsen Decon FY 2014

** U&A 2010, Ipsos Mar 2003 – consumer survey amongst 398 patients (95% of sufferers look to treat their symptoms, and that 56% treat with an analgesic).

*** IPSOS Consumer Survey (n=398) March 2003


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