Ready-to-fill pastry specialist, Pidy has introduced two new neutral quiche cases made with an all-butter pressed puff pastry (rough-puff). Available in 11cm or 18cm diameter, the quiche cases have a light, crispy texture and delicious flavour thanks to the company’s authentic French all-butter recipe.

Both sizes are ideal for making large or individual-sized quiches, pies and sweet tartlets. From fruity fillings and frangipane, through to seasonal quiches and comforting pies, the quiche cases are a versatile addition to menus this season.

With operators facing a whole host of new challenges due to Covid-19 and running kitchens with reduced staff, the quiche cases save valuable time, ensure consistency across the board and provide the quality and taste of homemade.

The cases also have excellent resistance against moisture absorption and a texture that stays crisp several days after filling. This is beneficial for caterers preparing ahead of time, as well as those who are offering a takeaway or delivery service which requires sturdier products that can be easily transported.

Pidy pastry is developed with the stability and consistency demanded by the professional kitchen in mind. The quiche cases can simply be re-baked with different fillings or even filled and then frozen for those preparing in advance. The pastry cases can be stored at ambient temperatures and have a 12 months shelf life for ultimate convenience. 

Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK, commented on the quality recipe of the new quiche cases:

“We are delighted to introduce two new quiche cases into the Pidy range. The authentic French recipe that uses 100% natural ingredients and real butter creates a premium product that replicates the taste and texture of homemade. The two sizes also offer complete flexibility across menus. 

With the foodservice and hospitality industry continuously adapting due to Covid-19, we understand how important it is to have quality products that make preparation easier. The products hold up extremely well to moisture and can be easily transported for outlets offering takeaway or delivery services.” 

As a global leader in ready-to-fill pastry since 1967, Pidy continues to develop new products that provide exceptional quality, variety and trend-setting innovation in the exciting culinary art of pastry. The Pidy quiche range also includes a selection of sizes and is available in a vegan, gluten-free and wholemeal pastry to offer that extra element of care, consideration and attention to detail to every menu. 

For more information on the Pidy range, please visit or call 01604 705666.

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