Primula-DipsStill seen as an indulgence or a treat by many, BBQ purchasing is increasingly stretching beyond the traditional burgers, buns and pastas into a variety of sundries with dips being among the most popular.

2009 saw the dips market grow an impressive 8.8% year on year with its estimated market value reaching £191m. Combining taste, convenience and value for money, Primula Dips have experienced a significant growth of 17% year on year.

Incorporating six popular flavours – Roasted Garlic, Sour Cream and Chive, Nacho Cheese, Spicy Salsa, Spring Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli – Primula provides the impulse sector with some much needed diversity in the ambient dips market. Craig Brooks, Marketing Director at Kavli, maker of Primula said: “Adding to the popular salsa dips that dominate the market, Primula has injected its innovative thinking to create additional flavours that deliver an important element of choice to the consumer.”

Primula-logoParticularly popular in BBQ season, the range has a six month ambient shelf-life but is also used by some impulse retailers as their chilled dip range, combining the benefits of a quality offer with a reduced risk of waste associated with fresh dips.

Capitalising on the growth of the oriental market, Primula’s Thai Sweet Chilli dip is the latest addition to the range. Launched last year, the new dip has proved extremely popular with its sweet and tasty flavour extending not only to dipping but also as an ingredient for main meals.

“Primula constantly strives to provide added value to consumers through versatility and convenience,” explains Brooks. “Primula products double up as ingredients for a wide range of quick fix meals and our research shows that consumers regularly use Primula Dips in a variety of recipes, particularly in alfresco and BBQ foods such as baked potatoes, pasta and grilled meats.”

Primula’s Spicy Salsa dip is particularly popular for the BBQ season adding a quick kick to burgers, hotdogs, and steaks as well as a variety of warm or cold pasta dishes. Committed to evolving with the demands of the consumer, Primula’s Spicy Salsa dip boasts less than 1% fat providing a healthier alternative to the increasingly health conscious market.

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