Schwartz launches its two new Wings Seasonings in response to the continued growth in popularity of the chicken wing phenomena – a 35% uplift in restaurants serving chicken wing dishes over the last three years! *

The two variants, Buffalo Wings Seasoning and Lemon & Herb Wings Seasoning, are set to revolutionise the chicken wings arena for operators everywhere as they are so easy to use – simply sprinkle straight onto hot wings, shake, and serve to produce consistent results – something your customers will love, so make sure you stack your shelves with both exciting on-trend flavours.

Wonderful wings

In the US wings have evolved from a snack, often eaten at the football, ** into one of America’s firm favourite dishes and now chicken wing chains are to be found across the country – there are now more than 3,200 restaurants in the United States dedicated primarily to chicken wings.^

With the Americana megatrend still gripping the UK, wings are the latest must-have item for any style of operation and are being featured on menus in restaurant chains around the country as sides, as part of sharing platters and as mains. The uplift in the number of restaurants serving chicken wing dishes is driven in part to large chains such as TGI Fridays creating a dedicated wings menu and in a recent report, chicken wings were mentioned in 6 out of 11 ‘developing menu trends’ last year.^^

Customers keen to stay ahead of the game will be beating a path to your door to stock up on Schwartz Wings Seasoning as consumers looking for a flavour kick are prepared to pay for it; operators charge 30% more for flavoured wings versus plain, according to Horizons’ data.

Wings to Fry For!

Schwartz Buffalo Wings Seasoning, with its sweet and spicy vinegar-based flavour, is set to capture the heart of the nation with its hot and tangy notes while Schwartz Lemon and Herb Wings Seasoning, a citrus seasoning blend with herbs, including thyme, offers up a mellow, mild yet tasty, flavour boost. Easy to use by sprinkling straight onto hot, cooked chicken wings for a coating just like sauce, means no fryer oil contamination, and consistent results for any level of kitchen skills.

Wings Seasoning enables efficient customisation and menu expansion as it’s added after the wings are cooked, and on contact it coats them like a sauce. Expertly designed for perfect meat coverage, it leaves little or no waste and is easily transformed into a wet sauce by the addition of a small amount of water.

Schwartz Wings Seasoning is also versatile, offering your customers infinite recipe inspiration; sprinkle onto chips, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and more. Mix through butter, mayo, and other condiments for mouth-watering results or mix through breadcrumbs to use as a coating or to top mac ’n’ cheese before grilling. Combine with sandwich fillers for a real flavour kick, or sprinkle onto popcorn and nuts – there’s no end to its uses, the flavour inspiration just keeps rolling, along with additional margin potential!

Schwartz is the flavour expert, blending herbs and spices to create a range of perfect Seasonings with different yet complementary flavours to help chefs create authentic tasting, flavoursome dishes. ‘They have a stronger flavour so I don’t have to use so much,’ says one chef about Schwartz Seasonings. Here are just some of the things other chefs have said: ‘I can trust them’, ‘they perform better’.

All the best industry chefs are in on the secret of Schwartz – they know it’s worth paying a little more for premium products from Schwartz.

Schwartz make simple, easy-touse products with consistent premium quality that will create more portions and make more profit. Perfect for everyone wanting to satisfy the growing consumer demand for chicken wings, instantly, and one that will deliver impressive profit margins too – an additional boost of up to £15 per jar! **

• Easily customise your wings offering

• Coats just like a sauce

• Add to cooked chicken for crispy wings

• No fryer oil contamination

• Charge 30% more for flavoured wings

*Horizons Menurama, Summer 2016 Menu Data

** In its 2016 Wing Report, the National Chicken Council reported that 1.3bn chicken wings were eaten for Super Bowl 50

*** Based on Buffalo Wings Seasoning 260g (£4.99RRP), coating 8.67kg cooked chicken wings. Average serving size six wings. Sell out costs of plain and seasoned chicken wings as per Horizons’ data, and based on 20% VAT.

^ CHD Expert 2017 Chicken Wing Trends Report

^^ Horizons Menu Trends Report Summer 2016


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