Due to the explosion of digital data and some manufacturing businesses having limited access to powerful analysis it is reported that over 70% of BI projects fail to meet the organisations objectives. However, manufacturers can transform how they run their operations and address their changing information needs through a business discovery solution that makes all types of data accessible and actionable.


Informance – a Qlik Partner Solution Provider and supplier of QlikView and Qlik Sense to manufacturers – has seen a significant growth for the requirement of improved decision making and data evaluation through its experience of deploying QlikView applications at Aimia Foods, Bakkavor, COOK Trading, Greencore Northampton, Smithfield Foods and Tayto Group amongst others. Informance reports that the creation of business discovery applications that offer intuitive, user-driven data analysis that is focused on providing efficient and cost effective operations and management information are the primary goals for its manufacturing customers. The freedom to explore data from any point in analysis using a dynamic, interactive interface and the ability to answer any question on the fly is essential for manufacturing organisations to meet their business goals. Informance is an expert in providing manufacturing-specific QlikView dashboards and applications that manage an organisation’s complete manufacturing supply chain management including: overall equipment efficiency, downtime, labour requirements, engineer performance, capacity utilisations, availability, performance-to-quality, sales, financials and HR.

Informance-logo_black_straplineMore recently, Informance has helped its customers reap major results by becoming ‘more lean’ in their manufacturing operations. Informance’s Over Equipment Efficiency (OEE) dashboard makes equipment availability and throughput more visible, controlled and improved through effective measurements and analysis of machine performance data. It monitors shift, line and area availability, utilisation rates and the analysis of down-time, labour requirements, engineer performance and quality in near real-time so manufacturers have the results to hand for pinpointing their optimal potential. And the subsequent calculation of OEE and the identification of bottlenecks and performance wasters provide corrective measures for optimising the productivity of manufacturing processes. The QlikView OEE dashboard enables organisations to scrutinise the measurement of their equipment data and identify improvement opportunities. The data can be analysed and viewed from different angles, facilitating the detection of significant interrelationships, delivering results in seconds.


Many of Informance’s customers have improved standards in their manufacturing procedures and enhanced their quality and service levels since implementing QlikView.  For example, Aimia Foods reports that QlikView has improved its information delivery and its decision-making is much faster with complete data consolidation and availability of real-time performance information. Bakkavor states that QlikView has enabled it to speed up its manufacturing processes and COOK Trading now has complete visibility across its manufacturing and retail business with instant information analysis on manufacturing, finance, stock, warehousing, distribution, EPOS and CRM.  Greencore Northampton has seen fantastic results from QlikView including an increase in incremental sales for M&S, a 20% increase in on-shelf availability and a 3% reduction in waste and Smithfield Foods has turned its business information into a valuable asset with complete data transparency. QlikView has given the Tayto Group one version of the truth for its key performance indicators, with daily reporting and analysis on production costs, variances, stock, customer profitability, product profitability and profit and loss.

Barry Talbot, managing director for Informance says: “Through the use of QlikView our manufacturing customers have been able to measure their operational efficiency and improve their business performance with minimal investment.”


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