With ever-more discerning customers, contract caterers need to juggle the competing demands of speed and efficiency, and quality customer experience. This is by no means a simple task, particularly when serving wine at outdoor events, or at venues where glass is prohibited. Customers do not want to consume quality wine from a flimsy plastic cup or beaker, but since real wine glasses cannot be used at many venues, this has previously been their only option.


To solve this problem, Wine Innovations created Intrepid Fox; a shatterproof, single-serve wine glass, designed to look and feel like the real thing. Each unit comes pre-filled with 187ml of quality wine, and is sealed with a foil lid. This means the product has the combined benefits of being quick and easy to serve, while looking much better than other non-glass alternatives.

Several venues are already benefiting from Intrepid Fox. Richard Simkin, Head of Operations at the Preston Guild Hall, commented on his decision to sell Intrepid Fox at all events at the venue: “For popular shows we can get well over 2000 visitors to the arena, and over 800 to the theatre. With such large footfalls, the fact that I can quite literally serve several units in a matter of seconds can make a big difference to our revenue over time. Intrepid Fox is just so quick to serve that we won’t be going back to serving bottles. In terms of ease and speed of service, it’s ideal.”

There are times at such high-traffic venues that customers simply can’t be served fast enough. It is also during these times that spills and breaks are most likely to occur. Intrepid Fox allows caterers to take advantage of huge surges in demand, while eliminating the occurrence of costly accidents.
It is unsurprising that sports venues are switching to single-serve wine. The operator of the food and drink concourse outlets at Reading’s Madejski Stadium also prefers Intrepid Fox over alternative options. The stadium’s caterers explained the decision: “The product is simple, easy to serve and looks better than wine served in small bottles with a half pint, plastic glass.”

Being a self-contained product as opposed to a separate bottle and glass also simplifies stock control and reduces waste.

Intrepid Fox is available in Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rose. The sealing method gives each unit a 12 month shelf life, making them a safe investment for wholesalers and contract caterers.


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