Radnor Hills have been busily concocting some exciting new flavours for 2016 and with 4 new flavour launches set for the first half of the year they really have a lot to shout about!

New-Orange-FizzTheir school compliant range comes in a 330ml, Still and Sparkling option and to start the New Year off they have just launched a NEW Tropical and a NEW Orange flavour to add to the extremely popular range! Other flavours in the range include Apple, Citrus, Forrest Fruits and Peach!

The Radnor Fruits and Radnor Fizz ranges contain at least 45% fruit juice and each 330ml bottle counts as one of your Five a Day! They are bottled at source at Heartsease Farm based in Knighton, Powys. Radnor Hills produced approximately 30 Million school compliant drinks in 2015 and are hoping to top that for 2016.

The term school compliant means that the products meet the required government standard for soft drinks in schools. It’s important to keep kids hydrated in school to ensure maximum focus and productivity during the day! Buyers for the school can rest assured that with these products they are supplying the young generation with a fantastic range of flavours to choose from as well as adhering to the Government buying standards.

With the soft drinks industry always moving there’s not time to be stood still; Radnor Hills are constantly evolving their product ranges to keep things fresh for the kids! They also have set to launched in April two more flavours to add to the range which we think are really going to cause some commotion at lunchtime the NEW Sour Cherry flavour and Cherry and Raspberry!

But that’s not all, Radnor also have a number of other ranges to offer, such as their fabulous flavoured water Aqua Splash which is all about health, hydration and taste! Whether you are trying to drink fewer fizzy drinks, or you are just trying to drink more water, Aqua Splash is the perfect replacement! With NO SUGAR the health conscious consumer can drink guilt free! Flavours available are Lemon and Lime, Strawberry, Forest fruits, Apple and Blackcurrant, Orange and Mandarin and Peach.



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