A new £4m Nurofen Express promotional campaign which broke in February and will run until August with a total of six months airtime on TV. The campaign delivers an interesting new perspective on headaches by enlightening consumers on what the real source is.


Headache is currently the largest pain occasion in the UK, with around 80% of people suffering from tension type headaches from time to time. The new Nurofen campaign surprises consumers by telling them that the real cause of tension headaches is actually the muscles in the head and neck when they get strained. The aim of the campaign will be to educate consumers on these muscles being at the source of their headaches and how Nurofen targets the source to provide faster headache relief.

The campaign will run across all media touch points including: traditional formats like TV, print and advertising on trains and the tube, but also innovative media channels with an engaging video playing across the London underground.

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