Red Tractor has announced a raft of initiatives developed over the past 18 months that are designed to improve the effectiveness of its assurance scheme.

chazIn particular, improvements to the assessment and inspection systems, increased scrutiny throughout the supply chain and the introduction of a team of ‘superauditors’ to check the work of assessors have been made, to ensure that not only are standards properly implemented, but that they are also done so consistently.

“These developments will further improve the quality of delivery of Red Tractor assurance standards,” said David Clarke, chief executive of Assured Food Standards which operates the Red Tractor scheme. “While Red Tractor is acknowledged as the UK’s leading farm assurance scheme, we’re not content to rest on our laurels as we know that standards mean little if consumers can’t be confident that they are being properly followed.

“These latest initiatives, which we have been developing and refining over the past 18 months, are now being introduced to further enhance the quality and consistency in the way Red Tractor’s well-respected standards are implemented. They will provide an even greater level of confidence in the scheme,” he added.

Red Tractor Assurance embraces food safety, animal welfare, traceability back to farms and environmental protection. The scheme audits every company that uses the Red Tractor logo to ensure products can be traced back to Red Tractor assured farms. As part of the latest set of improvements to the scheme, the audit process has been completely revised to ensure increased scrutiny at every link in the supply chain.

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