With one in four children choosing healthier eating options and 84% of parents considering a balanced diet to be important , Délifrance UK launches a new panini bread to meet FSA 2012 salt guidelines, supporting further demands on school caterers.

The reduced salt recipe of the new 17cm ‘Small Panini’ scratch bread, along with its compact size, is perfect for caterers wanting to create a healthier base for a hot sandwich filling and all-day menu.

“Considering that older children are given greater independence and are involved in more extra-curricular activities, snacking on the move is increasing in popularity,” explains Délifrance Head of Foodservice, Lucy Pickersgill. “The key lies in giving quality and choice in a way that’s convenient and gives the option to eat on or off the premises.”

Available in boxes of 70, the Small Panini is part-baked and ready to fill and cook on the griddle, making grab-and-go hot snacks quick and easy to serve.

“School food providers report an increase in uptake of healthier, balanced choices , meaning both health and convenience options are in high demand,” Lucy added. “Our new smaller panini continues to support caterers by offering the latest innovations and variety of snacking choice.”

Délifrance’s 16-year established best selling snacking range includes four top selling lines of ‘Fill & Grill’ scratch panini breads, the newest ‘Grilly’ range of pre-bar marked and pre-sliced paninis and the ultra convenient microwavable ‘Pre-filled, Pre-grilled’ range. Supporting caterers even further, each range includes new-look striking point of sale material including take away branded bags, newly branded POS and grills to maximise caterers’ fast food offering.

Marking the re-launch of the top selling Provencette products, five extra panini breads are now available in cases of plain, cracked black pepper, herb and large ‘Fill and grill’ scratch panini breads, offering even better value.

The Délifrance Provencette Paninis, inspired by Provence in the South of France, are all made with extra virgin olive oil and are launched alongside over 30 additional new lines.


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