Retailers tempt their shoppers and treat themselves to tasty profits! Monika Linton, founder of Brindisa takes a look at the latest in crisps, snacks, nuts, cereals bars, fruit, nut and seed treats, biscuits and small cakes, not forgetting what’s new from the confectionery category.

“Healthier choices are increasingly important in snacking. Frequently appearing amongst the top ranking superfoods, almonds make a perfect on-the-go snack. In response, Brindisa has launched a new range of Spanish Marcona and Catalan almonds. A wonderful, natural source of vitamin E, protein and magnesium, almonds contain essential nutrients and antioxidants.”

“Buy less, buy better’ is a great mantra for snacking. Compromising on quality usually means sacrificing taste, so indulging less frequently in premium snacks is all part of satisfying the indulgence equation. As we become increasingly healthconscious, consumers will rationalise their occasional extravagancies.”

“Brindisa supplies a number of classic Spanish crisp brands to suit sophisticated snack lovers. Made in the Basque Country, Sarriegui’s crisps are fried in extra virgin olive oil, and are so thin that they’re almost transparent.”

“Recent flavour developments include the deeply aromatic black truffle and innovative caviar crisps from Catalonian producer, Torres. The latest introduction to the range is also proving to be incredibly popular – Iberico Ham. We are definitely seeing an unprecedented demand for premium snacks with distinct and authentic seasonings.”


Available in 150g bags, Brindisa selects the highest grades of Spanish almonds which are hand processed by Joseph Maria Termens, who has been running his nut business for more than 50 years. Available in salted, smoked and smoked paprika varieties – Brindisa’s snacking collection proves that good taste and healthy choices are not mutually exclusive.



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