Today sees the relaunch of Ron Santiago de Cuba™, a premium Cuban rum with decades of rum making heritage, produced by Corporación Cuba Ron and distributed by the joint venture created back in 2019 between a European subsidiary of Diageo and Corporación Cuba Ron. 

The relaunch spans across four variants; Carta Blanca, Extra Añejo 11-year-old and Extra Añejo 12-year-old, available in Germany and Italy from June, in Great Britain during the summer and other European countries in Autumn 2021. A new Añejo variant will be relaunched later this year in time for Christmas. Premium and Super premium rum segments in Europe are outperforming the rum category, growing at +12% YOY* and +14% YOY* respectively, as consumers are starting to premiumise and seek out new brands in this vibrant category[1].

Ron Santiago de Cuba™ is a notable brand among Cuban rum connoisseurs, loved by Cuban consumers and traditionally recognised as the highest expression of Cuban rum making tradition from the South-East of the island. Santiago de Cuba is located at the heart of a unique, fertile microclimate where the land, Caribbean seas and the scorching sun all combine to create the perfect setting for a rum which has a naturally sweet, smooth flavour profile. This rare geographical setting has been known as ‘La Cuna del Ron Ligero’ (The Cradle of Light Rum) for over 150 years.

All Ron Santiago de Cuba™ variants are distilled from molasses made from the distinct, rich sugarcane grown only in this specific region and are all aged in white oak barrels, carefully selected to ensure optimal aging. The Maestros del Ron Cubano (Masters of Cuban Rum) blend each variant from the reserves of the aged liquid selected from the ageing warehouse, known as the ‘Cathedral of Cuban Rum’ with strict adherence to Cuba’s rum production traditions.

Ortensia Di Gregorio, Global Marketing Director for Ron Santiago de Cuba™ states “We are delighted to relaunch Ron Santiago de Cuba™. We have introduced a fresh, new packaging design which seamlessly merges tradition with modernity. The vibrant colour palette will ensure the brand has a strong presence within the ever-growing and innovative premium rum segment”.

Dayalan Nayager, Managing Director, Diageo Great Britain, Justerini & Brooks and Ron Santiago de Cuba™ commented: “We believe the premium rum segment provides a brilliant opportunity for Ron Santiago de Cuba™. I am excited by growing a brand with such a unique heritage and strong Cuban reputation and I look forward to it becoming a market leading rum in the near future.”

The Ron Santiago de Cuba™ range is bottled at 40% ABV with Carta Blanca bottled at 38% ABV. All age statements are based on the age of the youngest liquid in the blend.

STOCKIST: Santiago de Cuba will be available from Justerini & Brooks and other wholesalers from July 2021, launching in the On Trade, e-commerce and specialist retailers.

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