Laura Burrows, Shopper Product Manager for Marigold discusses spring cleaning trends.

Marigold-Kitchen-Gloves-promo-packshotMarket and consumer trends:

“32.2% of the UK household market was spent on cleaning and laundry goods in 2016* and according to Verdict Retail, the essential and needs-driven nature of the market will largely protect growth over the next few years. “In the household gloves category, Marigold remains the clear brand leader** and continues to grow from strength-to-strength; growing both in value and volume year-on-year, ahead of the overall gloves category. Therefore, topselling line Marigold Extra Life Kitchen Gloves are a must-have item for grocery retailers.

“While the overall household gloves category has seen a 4% decline year-on-year down to £40.9m, we have seen a +2% increase in market share for the UK’s No.1 household gloves brand, Marigold, which now holds 38% share of the market.**

“Marigold has been synonymous with cleaning since first launching in the UK 70 years ago. The past year has seen us not only expand within the gloves category to offer a glove suitable for every household job, but we have also extended the range, launching an innovative new range of 11 high quality cloths and scourers, for a wide-range of tasks around the home.

“The new range has been developed based on key consumer trends and needs. Recognising that consumers increasingly understand the benefits of microfibre (this segment is showing the largest year on year growth within the cloths category)**, we have incorporated microfibre technology, where relevant, into our new range of durable Marigold cloths and scourers. The range includes the Good Housekeeping Institute-approved Squeaky Clean, a next generation microfibre cloth (RRP £1.99), proven to clean, absorb and retain liquid like no other – giving a fantastic streak-free shine.”

2017 Marketing support:

“As the Spring Clean season approaches our latest research shows that 75% of Brits still claim to do an annual ‘spring clean’ and 77% of people actually deep clean at least once a season***.

“In time for the Spring Clean season and to celebrate our 70th anniversary, a dedicated marketing campaign including online, traditional media and a new on-pack promotion will run from early this year (2017).

Marigold_-CleaningMeSoftly_2pk_05685_Off“On-pack promotions are still a great way to create interest at the fixture and drive impulse purchase – great for attracting new or lapsed shoppers. From the 1st March 2017 we will be launching our first national on-pack promotion on our bestselling** Extra Life Kitchen Gloves (RRP £2.50). Designed to drive sales uplift during the key spring cleaning season, the on-pack promotion will sees us giving away a free gift with every pack, on 2 million packs.”

Merchandising and maximising sales:

“To maximise sales over the Spring Clean season, retailers should stock up on household essentials from brand leaders such as Marigold. Key products, such as the bestselling** Marigold Extra Life Kitchen Gloves (RRP £2.50), should be visible in store to act as a signpost for the cleaning category, to capture customer attention and encourage them to stock up ahead of cleaning tasks.”

Marigold NPD – responding to key consumer trends & needs:

“In 2016 we launched a new innovative range of 11 durable cloths and scourers which were developed based on key consumer trends and needs.

“In the cloths category, allpurpose cloths make up the majority of the market, with semi-disposable all-purpose cloths accounting for the largest proportion of this segment. In line with consumer needs, we have recently launched Marigold Oops Away (RRP £1.99 for a pack of six) a lightweight and superabsorbent, semi-disposable, allpurpose cloth which stays strong, even when wet –aimed at tasks when kitchen roll is not enough.

Marigold_Clean&Gleam_2pk_05684_Off_004“Microfibre, which consumers increasingly understand the benefits of, showed the largest growth in 2016 vs. 2015. In response to this, we have incorporated microfibre technology, where relevant, into our new range of durable Marigold cloths and scourers. The new range includes the extra thick and durable Marigold Let It Shinemicrofibre cloths (RRP £2.99 for a four pack) and the Good Housekeeping Institute-approved Marigold Squeaky Clean (RRP £1.99), a next generation microfibre cloth, proven to clean, absorb and retain liquid like no other – giving a fantastic streak-free shine.

“Foam scourers continue to dominate the scourer market, however sales in this category are relatively flat due to little innovation in recent years. In response to this, we have launched two innovative sponge scourers under the Marigold brand; Marigold Clean & Gleam (RRP £1.00 for a two pack), a dual-sided durable anti-bac scourer with our all-purpose, Odour Stop cloth on the reverse and also Marigold Cleaning Me Softly (RRP £1.19 for a two pack), a Teflon-approved nonscratch scourer, which has a unique surface that is tough on dirt, but gentle on delicate surfaces.”


*AC Nielsen, w/e 5/11/16

***Research conducted with 1134 Brits in November 2016 through Facebook Polls


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