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photo-1-checkoutCashComplete™ is a new secure way of accepting and processing cash payments. It is a closed loop system handling bank notes and coins from the point-of-sale to the on-site cash office or external cash centre. The system has been developed by money processing specialist SCAN COIN in response to the continuing popularity of cash-based payments and can be adapted to most retail environments.

“Customers have the convenience of using cash and retailers have a secure and cost-effective way of handling the transaction,” explains Steve Fitton, the sales director of SCAN COIN UK.

CashComplete™ provides a seamless interface with existing electronic point-of-sales systems.

photo-2-coin-recyclerThe point-of-sales unit provides automatic cash handling for the till and can be easily incorporated within self-service cash out facilities. Customers feed bank notes individually but can drop a handful of mixed coins into the machine. The system checks for, and automatically rejects, counterfeits to avoid losses by the retailer and prevent them being passed on to other customers. The correct change for each transaction is given and customers can request cashback as they would at a conventional till, as the system is fully compatible with current electronic point of sales solutions.

On implementing CashComplete™, retailers can prevent loss or fraud at the till point from counterfeit bills entering the system, mistakes in payment or change for goods and reduce the risks of theft from the till or during cash transfers to the back office.

The CashComplete™ system also includes a secure locked transport unit, which is used to empty and refill tills without exposing the cash.

photo-3-transport-unit“We have paid particular attention to security issues,” explains Steve Fitton. “Emptying and re-filling is a good example, and as well as designing a secure, closed system we have worked closely with cash-in-transit companies to improve operability.”

SCAN COIN has developed sophisticated software for monitoring and handling cash. Each transaction from point-of-sales units, transport units and docking stations is logged online to provide an instant digital audit trail that can be accessed and monitored locally or remotely.

CashComplete™ allows retailers to cope with the continuing challenges and opportunities of handling cash transactions. It combines an easy-to-use interface with complete compatibility to existing systems. As a result, staff spend less time on the tills and more time providing customer service.

photo-4-checkout-2The CashComplete™ solution builds on SCAN COIN’s forty-year expertise in cash processing systems and solutions. The company has a presence in more than 120 countries, served through a network of SCAN COIN companies and distribution partners.

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