Welcome to the September-October issue of Wholesale Manager. Any excuse to quote an old Kinks song in the headline – hard to believe, but another year is almost over! It seemed at times that the wonderful summer would last forever, but now autumn is definitely here. At the end of October the clocks go back, and then the countdown to Christmas is upon us with a vengeance.


FrontIn Britain’s cash ‘n’ carries and delivered wholesalers things never stand still. We have another selection of stories and features in these pages about products, services and equipment to help you stay up to date and maximise the return from your business, particularly your warehousing operations.

For wholesale managers operating multiple locations around the UK, the process of sourcing goods from suppliers and getting them where they are needed is an eternal challenge. Having one central buying point that acts for all your locations removes one level of complexity, but you still have to receive and store goods before you send them on. And what happens about seasonal products, and your fluctuating floor space needs over the course of the year? One answer of course is outsourcing your warehousing operations so they become a variable cost.

As reported on our front page the integrated cold store and logistics provider Partner Logistics has signed a two-year contract with global bakery supplier Dawn Foods to manage storage for their range of frozen confectionery products. The contract involves Partner Logistics’ super-sized frozen food warehouse in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and transport partner, Visbeen, to provide an integrated solution.

Partner Logistics has recently stepped up its overall service capability and is now able to provide a true end-to-end supply chain solution for its customers, offering a wider range of value-added services and collaborating with carefully selected transport partners. Partner Logistics, who have worked with Dawn Foods at their Bergen op Zoom site in the Netherlands since 2004, will work closely with Visbeen in Wisbech to provide distribution of Dawn Foods products to their broad UK customer base, which includes well-known quick service restaurants, coffee shops and travel catering companies.

Also in this issue we have more stories about the latest new launches and range extensions. In the other story on our front page Radnor Hills have revamped the packing across the Aqua Splash range of drinks, the first redesign in 12 years of one of their most successful brands. The new design gives Aqua Splash a fresh, modern twist and the clear label restores the focus to the water and how the drink is all about hydration and taste, a must-have for today’s health conscious consumer, with only 8 calories per 500ml bottle.

Look out for our November-December issue!

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