The future of customer loyalty programmes is changed by the launch of Cardivation, which brings retailers powerful insight into customer behaviour without the need for separate loyalty cards. The revolutionary payment card technology from CNS offers easy access to customer data, overcoming the traditional compliance, cost and technology obstacles. Retailers can boost revenues through incentive schemes based on the everyday payment cards already held by customers, without the need additional cards or merchant technology.

Simplified-loyalty-will-reach-more-customersBen Jordan, CNS managing director, said, “Getting to know customers who use standard payment cards has always been complicated and expensive. Cardivation changes that because it is fully PCI compliant and everything can be implemented without disruption to existing merchant or retailer systems. It needs only a relatively simple standard update to existing card terminals. We are now working with a major European bank on implementing Cardivation to benefit its merchant clients and their customers.”

Retailers are able to communicate directly with cardholders, using personalised offers and messages based on their purchase history. This is achieved with no need for hardware to scan loyalty cards, making possible powerful loyalty and incentive programmes without card issuance. Customers can be given a range of benefits, including paperless digital receipts, in return for providing nothing more than their mobile number. Most importantly, customers do not need to carry around and use an extra card.

Cardivation offers valuable benefits to both vendors and customers in any sector using card payments. The pan- European launch by CNS follows successful implementation across Qstar filling stations in Sweden. Cardivation, which works with any standard Europay, Mastercard or Visa payment card, has three patents pending approval.


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