Stand and deliver

The warehousing and logistics backbone that supports Britain’s wholesalers, large and small, stands to reap major benefits from the grocery industry’s ongoing restructuring.

Tesco buying Bookers means Bookers’ supply chain is being improved, and will be strengthened further in resources and efficiency by its marriage to Tesco’s system. As for the industry, the 3PLs working with Tesco/Bookers and their suppliers will have to perform to Tesco/Bookers’ standards. The warehousing property industry will be stimulated to find develop additional suitable warehousing and distribution.

And the warehouse equipment and IT industry will be required to provide their kit and services to a high spec. After that, based on the quality of their work with Tesco/Bookers the 3PLs and the rest will be in a stronger position to market their offerings to other wholesalers and retailers. It’s good news and we look forward to reporting on it.

Meanwhile in these pages we have news from 3PLs and warehouse equipment and IT suppliers demonstrating they’re already doing nicely. And we interview Lord Digby Jones, former CBI boss and trade minister, now Chairman of logistics services company OnLogistics, who work with wholesalers and retailers. As a business expert Lord Digby is distinctly bullish about Britain’s business prospects post-Brexit. Read and be encouraged!