Classic store cupboard ingredient

As home baking continues to rise in popularity*, it is becoming ever more important to give your consumers the quality that their efforts deserve. With this rise in keen home bakers, store cupboard essentials are in more demand. What is more of a classic store cupboard essential than the glacé cherry? To keep your customers happy, stock up on French glacé cherries. Glacé cherries originated in Provence centuries ago, and have established a pedigree giving them an unbeatable taste. For this reason, they still set the benchmark for producers all over the world.

100% natural

In keeping with such a rich heritage, French glacé cherries are sourced exclusively from the Napoleon Bigarreau variety, and are made using a method employed since the fourteenth century. The process itself, from orchard to kitchen is a journey: within hours of picking, the fruits are de-stalked and stoned, then blanched and soaked in a sugar syrup solution for ten days. This candying process gradually replaces the fruits’ natural water content with sugar and ensures that the glorious Provençal sun is sealed within each fruit. The vibrant colour that the fruit has is 100% natural, guaranteeing a natural flavour. The entire process is a gentle and unhurried system, perfected by French cherry growers over the centuries.

Versatile and high quality

French glacé cherries have been a feature of the baking world for many generations, but modern day recipes allow cooks to be more experimental than their predecessors. A versatile and high quality product such as the French glacé cherry produces great results. To add texture, moisture and a new dimension to many sweet treats, French glacé cherries are the perfect option. Holding their flavour, shape and texture throughout the baking process, French glacé cherries will give demanding customers unbeatable quality.

With such quality, born out of generations of perfection, glacé cherries will equally delight those enjoying traditional home baking and those wishing to pursue the most contemporary of recipes.

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