Welcome to the Summer 2013 Wholesale Manager, the quarterly publication for the UK’s wholesale professionals. We hope your year’s going well. We have another selection of stories about the business and the suppliers who are making it happen in Britain’s cash ‘n’ carry depots and delivered wholesalers, both in the front of house and in the warehouse.


WHolesale_FrontHere we are, halfway through 2013. After last summer and the horrors of the Jubilee Weekend washout no one wants to tempt fate by saying here we go again, another no-show on the sunshine front. But it has to be said, things don’t look much different so far. On the positive side, when it’s grey and gloomy outside Brits are always up for a big Night In – and when it’s sunny, they all pile outside. On that basis, whatever happens shoppers will spend money enjoying themselves. Here’s hoping!

Meanwhile life goes on in cash ‘n’ carries and wholesalers’ depots up and down the land. On the grocery front Kepak, whose fastselling Rustlers microwavable instant snacks gave a generation of teenage boys a degree of mealtime independence from mum, is out spreading the word about ‘Hot, Quick & Tasty,’ the proven route to maximising chilled food sales in convenience stores. Help your retail customers get in on the action.

As reported on our front page, for many wholesalers one of their highest margin activities is buying in bulk sacks of everything from confectionery products to pulses, flour and breakfast cereal, and repacking them into smaller bags for resale to retail customers. Bestway, for example, repacks one tonne bags of rice into smaller paper sacks.

Growing numbers of wholesalers are choosing to automate this activity, reducing reliance on manual labour, minimising health and safety risks, giving more consistent product and boosting productivity. But as Paul Wilkinson at Pacepacker Services, the turnkey automatic packing systems specialist points out, any automation efficiencies are cancelled out if product is wasted through spillages or contamination.

If you’re looking to automate your repacking operations and protect the savings you make in the process, Pacepacker’s Total Bag Control (TBC) system is an increasingly popular choice among wholesalers

And finally the Warehouse is another area of the business where you can improve your performance at a stroke. In our dedicated section we have stories to inspire you from Combilift, Crown, Salvo, Seymour International, Business Computer Projects and more. Now, where’s that sunshine gone?!

James Surridge,

Publishing Editor


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