Paul Hargreaves, founder and CEO of fine food wholesaler, Cotswold Fayre has today announced the publication date, May 6 2021, for his second book entitled The Fourth Bottom Line.

This inspirational book invites people to explore their own leadership qualities and examine if the way they think and behave is conducive to taking the new age of compassionate capitalism a step further.

The fourth bottom line, extends the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, by looking at humanistic values, such as spirituality, love and caring and their importance to business today.

The Fourth Bottom Line, provides an easy to digest framework, looking at fifty key characteristics of compassionate leadership.

To help consider these characteristics, there are fifty chapters each including a dictionary definition, explanatory quotes, insights and actions.

Paul Hargreaves says:  “My first book, Forces for Good, was written to inspire business leaders to run their businesses in a way that benefitted people, the planet and created profit.

“While steering Cotswold Fayre on this path, I realised that in addition to the business’ behaviour, I also needed to make some internal changes of my own, and this book is, I hope, a way to help other people embrace their own journey.”

A virtual book launch will be held on May 5 2021, with the opportunity to hear more from the author and Sujith Ravindran, who inspired Paul Hargreaves to take a close look at his own leadership ethos.

Tickets to the event include an advance copy of the book, wine and snacks.

To find out more please visit

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