The Tayto Group is the third-largest snack manufacturer in the UK and the market-leading snack and crisp brand in Northern Ireland. The company recently selected QlikView from Elite Solution Provider Informance as its new business intelligence and business discovery solution. By deploying QlikView, Tayto will be able to gain complete visibility across the group and improve the quality of information available to users, so that they can make better, more informed business decisions.

The Tayto Group is a family-owned business that started creating crisps from its factory in County Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1956 and today supplies quality crisps and snacks from its six locations across the UK. Over the past few years Tayto has grown from strength to strength, mainly due to the acquisition of major brands such as: Golden Wonder, Real Crisps, Mr Porky and Jonathan Crisp. As the Tayto Group had evolved from a number of individual companies under the same ownership, it had no defined process for business intelligence reporting but knew that the delivery of information across the group was vital. Therefore, Tayto recognised that it needed a new business model and business intelligence solution that would combine data from any source and deliver it in a single application. Tayto had recently implemented Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and knew that implementing QlikView would greatly improve the speed at which information could be delivered to the business without impacting the ERP system.

John Delaney, Group Finance Director for Tayto says: “When we started comparing the business intelligence marketplace it was obvious that QlikView was by far the market leader with a well-developed user base. We needed a quick solution and one that would enable us to tap into the power of the data available in our ERP solution as well as enhancing it with vastly superior analytical tools. We arranged a QlikView proof-of-concept day with Informance and this proved to be invaluable as it convinced us of the advantages of QlikView. Informance demonstrated a great deal of understanding when it came to our businesses’ needs and the company’s consultants proved their ability when it came to interpreting our requirements rather than demanding a rigid specification”.

Once QlikView was installed Tayto set about cleansing the data stored in its ERP system in order to make it reliable to use within QlikView, followed by the development of the right dimensions for use within the analysis. This meant making certain modifications to get the data ready for QlikView.

QlikView was rolled out across Tayto’s sales department and is now the only reporting tool being used. It was widely accepted by the users with almost all of them picking up the necessary skills to use it quickly and with little difficulty.

The next phase will be to roll out QlikView for Tayto’s daily reporting and analysis on production costs, variances, stock, customer profitability, product profitability, profit and loss and overhead reporting, plus a single version of the truth for key performance indicators. QlikView is also being used in an ad-hoc way to check data as well as the vehicle for collating all of Tayto’s budgetary data.

John Delaney says: “Since implementing QlikView one of the first benefits we have seen is that QlikView has released up people resource from the task of collating data and generating reports into activities that add real value to our business. QlikView has improved the quality of information available across our business and its analysis and reporting has enabled staff to make better, more informed decisions. He continues: “Once we started to use QlikView it opened our eyes as to what is possible and the impossible started to look probable. There are endless ways we can make use of QlikView and its now about priority and time to see what we will do with QlikView next”.


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