ETI have introduced a new thermocouple temperature probe that allows the user to replace the stainless measuring tip, rather than replacing the whole probe, saving both time and money.


Each handle incorporates a miniature thermocouple socket, allowing a variety of thermocouple probes to be quickly connected to a single thermometer. The benefits are both flexibility of use and reduced cost of purchasing a complete new temperature probe. Being most often in use, the stainless steel tip of the probe is exposed to excess heat, physical abuse or as is often the case, the probe simply wears out. It is therefore now possible to achieve a significant in cost, typically 50% by replacing only the working end (the tip) of the temperature probe.

Each handle incorporates a one metre retractable, coiled thermocouple lead and miniature connector suitable for use with any type K thermocouple based thermometer irrespective of the manufacturer. ETI offers a wide range of plug mounted thermocouple probes suitable for use with the interchangeable probe handle, including probes ideal for measuring air/gas, liquids, semi-solids or surface temperatures.

The interchangeable probe handle (order code 323-950) is competitively priced at £18 each, exclusive of VAT and available direct from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd.

Tel: 01903 202151


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