Lifting and loading equipment specialist, Transdek has developed an innovative Load Weight Monitor (LWM) to maximise the safety and efficiency of double-deck distribution operations.

According to statistics from the Transport Research Laboratory, over 500 commercial vehicles roll over each year in the UK, resulting in 40% of all fatalities to HGV occupants. With a higher centre of gravity, double deck trailers are at far greater risk of rolling than their single deck counterparts.

Transdek’s monitor measures the weight and, more importantly, the distribution of product on both decks during the loading cycle, to ensure that the payload is properly balanced for maximum stability.

“Without knowing the distribution of payload on a double deck trailer, the vehicle may easily run within its maximum gross weight limit but with an excessive proportion of that payload on the upper deck, particularly in medium-density mixed grocery distribution operations,” says Mark Adams, Managing Director of Yorkshire-based Transdek.

“Our Load Weight Monitor measures the weight and distribution of goods on the upper and lower vehicle decks to within a 1% tolerance, records and stores this data, and provides a driver print-out as proof of load.”

Weight parameters are set according to the type of vehicle being loaded, and alarms sound to warn if these are exceeded on either the upper or lower vehicle deck, or both. All of this information is displayed on the LWM’s heavy-duty LCD touch-screen.

In order to avoid overloading the larger cube, many operators also under-fill double-deck trailers by as much as 15% to avoid the cost, time delays and disruption of re-loading vehicles that are turned around at the weighbridge. The monitor optimises operational efficiency by allowing vehicles to be accurately and safely filled to both maximum volume and weight capacity.

Transdek’s LWM is currently undergoing commercial trials with a major UK supermarket chain.

Transdek UK Ltd

Leon Butler, Operations Director

Tel: 01302 752276


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