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tt_fever_check_visual1Launched in 2008, The Fever Check Digital Soother Thermometer established a way in measuring a child’s temperature without causing discomfort.  Many parents find it difficult to measure their child’s temperature using a normal household thermometer. This is mainly because the child is going through a phase of distress. 

Fever Check is designed to take away this phase of distress by its easy to use method and fast precise readings. The features include an auto on/off function and a last memory reading.  The thermometer will emit a beep at the optimum temperature and can also monitor temperature whilst the child is sleeping.

wWith huge amount of distribution levels within the independent pharmacy sector since its launch, Fever Check can be seen as possibly the best way of screening a child for fever.

“We have looked at the levels of weekly spend within the grocery sector and have established that the average household spend in the region of £50 – £100 per week on their child,” said Mark Jones of the research team.

After successful trails and distribution across the independent pharmacy sector, the Fever Check Digital Soother Thermometer is now available in 77 Waitrose stores. Hassan Patel, Business Development Manager, said: “We are delighted with the success of the Fever Check Soother Thermometer in such a short space of time; we hope to build on this in the coming year. Extensive research shows that parents choose to buy medicines from grocery outlets because they know they can stock up on everything they want under one roof without any fuss, and we are absolutely delighted with the listing in Waitrose.”

The Fever Check Digital Soother Thermometers are available in three different colours and are readily packed in recyclable shelf ready packaging.

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