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Narrow-aisle_stackerSSI Schaefer has installed a new warehouse management system with voice picking technology for UNIFIX SWG GmbH that has dramatically reduced error rates, improved overall quality in work and increased productivity.

UNIFIX SWG GmbH, an active wholesaler, specialise in products and systems for shops operating in the hardware, DIY, building, carpentry, electrical and hydraulic sectors. The main product lines include screws for wood and structural work, plugs and anchors, joining pieces for wood, chemical products, hand tools, fixing elements and hardware for furniture.

SSI Schaefer were contracted in by UNIFIX SWG GmbH to gradually transfer its storage and distribution warehouse based in Terlano (BZ), Italy, from a manual facility into a new, partially automated system. The preferred warehouse management system WAMAS was installed and the warehouse slowly reorganised to match the new picking stations connected to the conveyor system.

Products are now registered at the goods-in department in order to send the necessary information to the ERP system. Voice picking technology is used in various picking stations with dynamic staging, which are organised and driven by the system. The WAMAS system is also responsible for the routing of conveyor paths until the products in the goods-out department are stored in a buffer (automated small-parts warehouse). Then, the closed orders are transferred to the packing station and goods can be prepared for loading.

The 5,700 m2 storage area which also includes interconnected production, now records dramatically reduced error rates, significantly increased productivity figures and noticeable improvements in the quality of work actioned.

Extremely happy with the outcome of the project, a representative from UNIFIX SWG GmbH said: “The most important thing for us is to meet our customers’ requirements, especially when it comes to a prompt delivery and high quality standards. In order to be able to do this now and in the future, it is essential to continually invest in logistics and efficient solutions.”

SSI Schaefer

Tel: 01264 386600


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