Water Works supply locally sourced spring water with a pH of 7.6, in 330ml and 1L cartons, made using paper from responsibly managed forests and sugarcane caps.

The packaging is close to 80% renewable material with the addition of the sugarcane cap. Importing water comes with an unnecessarily high carbon footprint. Less energy is required to produce a paper carton vs a PET or glass bottle.

Cartons are sent flat packed to be filled. Bottles/cans are sent fully formed so many more empty cartons can go in a single trip. When filled, more cartons can fill a container and they are lighter, so less energy is needed to transport them.

The cartons are completely recyclable in 94% of local authorities, where they are collected, sorted and recycled at a dedicated UK carton recycling facility. Cartons are reusable thanks to their screw cap. They block out light and air so the water inside stays refreshingly crisp, and are lightweight and can be conveniently flattened to take up less space.

Water Works For The Planet is available alongside their trio of functional plant waters: Watermelon, Cactus and AloeCoco by Water Works – Hydration with Purpose.

SRP 330ml: £0.75 SRP 1L: £1.49 (to be released before the summer) Enquiries: info@drinkwaterworks.com

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