Founded in 2016, Berlin startup Wholey, has just announced their launch  into the UK in 2021. They rose to fame across Germany and Austria with  their delicious vegan products, colourful branding and viral TikTok  videos. Their celebrated smoothie bowls that come in four flavours,  Ocean, Açaí, Tropical and Dragon fruit, will be available in the UK via  CLF Distribution from 15th January.  

Wholey was launched by four former German professional hockey  players and a passionate footballer, using only organic ingredients.  The five founders Alexander Stahr, Casimir von Carmer, Philipp Stahr,  Clemence Chulze and Alexander Carsten were faced with the daily  challenge of eating quickly when looking for plant based options  between children, meetings and training sessions. They wanted to find  a quick and nutritious solution without depending on opening times of  cafes and supermarkets or poor quality at home fast food choices.

Wholey believes in the natural power of plants. All fruit and vegetable  ingredients are organic and are harvested as soon as they have  reached maturity and shock frozen ensuring the vitamins and nutrients  are retained. Depending on the recipe, there are also grasses, herbs,  nuts, nut butters and superfoods, the innovative bowls include a  number of hugely flavourful exotic fruits such as red pitaya and blue  spirulina. They tested a wide variety of ingredients, over one thousand  recipes and worked with nutritionists to understand the benefits of a  plant based diet and create the perfect smoothie bowl mixes.

For preparation, the portioned freezer pack needs simply to be added  to a mixer and blended with 150ml of water to create a delicious creamy  mixture in 60 seconds. Laborious chopping is a thing of the past.

The bowls are all sustainable and vegan. This combined with the  intense, unmistakable colour tones in bright blues and pinks has meant  it has become an instant hit amongst the Instagram foodie generation  who are also conscious of modern consumer habits.

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