The true flavour of IRN-BRU is a hotly debated topic – and to celebrate this great taste debate, its brand-new ad, ‘Prom’, captures a classic high school rom-com movie moment, but with a classic BRU twist…

Now screening on IRN-BRU’s socials and on prime-time telly spots across Scotland, ‘Prom’ is the latest film parody in a series of movie genre themed ads to explore the divisive topic of BRU’s delicious flavour.

Starring a tuxedoed ginger teen getting ready to take his date to prom while sipping an IRN-BRU, a dispute takes place about what Scotland’s other national drink really tastes like.

After a debate with the family members, the teen eventually decides to tell an unexpected guest to put her dancing shoes on – all thanks to their agreement on BRU’s signature taste.

‘Prom’ will be airing as a double-feature, with a second film, ‘Mob’ capturing a typical American mobster moment where a ‘disagreement’ kicks off when some henchmen argue about the true taste of BRU.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at AG Barr, said: “There’s so much fun to be had with the unique flavour that is IRN-BRU, fans globally cannot agree on the taste that makes it so special – whether you’re a prom date, or a mobster. Whatever the situation, we can all at least agree that IRN-BRU tastes phenomenal.”

Last year, the brand tackled the Wild West with the great taste debate triggering an all-out saloon brawl. This year’s expansion into the Teen Romance and Gangster genres demonstrate that the taste of IRN-BRU is still as elusive in the fictional world as it is in reality.

Watch both IRN-BRU Taste Debate ads via YouTube: ‘Prom’ and ’Mob’. This latest campaign airs from Thursday 10th March across TV, social channels and online.

For more information follow @IRNBRU on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok.

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