Bestway launches new franchise agreements for Bestway Retail Customers

Bestway Retail, the retail arm of the wholesale giant including Bargain Booze, Select Convenience, Central Convenience and Wine Rack More, has outlined its new agreements to franchisees in a series of twelve regional meetings.

The senior team from Bestway Retail discussed three key areas with their franchisees to reassure them that Bestway was the Best Way to Grow their Food and Drinks business and that the company is committed to helping them deliver greater sales and profitability, being much more than simply ‘a sign above the door’.

Bestway Retail Managing Director, David Robinson, commented ‘Naturally, many of our franchisees were impacted by the disruption they had recently experienced, so it was important that we met with as many of them as possible – not only communicate our new improved proposition, but also to listen to them and to respond to as many questions as possible as we begin to build the plans for the future.’

The new proposition is built around three key areas which will make it easier for franchisees to deal with the company, extend their shopper offer and increase profitability.

Even easier to do business with

This development sees franchisees benefit from simplified paperwork processes, less retro payments, sale or return and the ability to source up to 10% of goods from outside the company. Robinson comments “It’s vital that we meet the needs of our retailers and, by limiting the amount of paperwork, this frees up franchisees’ time and efforts into developing their business. The reduction in the number of products that franchisees are required to purchase through the company gives store owners the opportunity to support other local businesses and provides shoppers with locally sourced products which may not be available centrally”

Even better customer offer

Shoppers are now looking for a wide range of products in their local store and franchisees will now have access to a more comprehensive range of products following the new agreements. This includes greater accessibility to fresh, chilled and frozen, the best-one own label range and a greater range of core grocery products. “The most important thing is that we get the customer offer right. We do not want customers to come into our stores for our sector leading deals in alcohol then pop up the road to complete their shop. Increasing the number of line to franchisees allows them the opportunity to widen their range, their customer base, increase basket spend and sales.

Even more profitable and rewarding

The increase in products within the customer offer ensures that franchisees can get into more margin enhancing categories, in addition to benefitting from the wholesale pricing through Bestway Wholesale’s scale and purchasing capabilities. Also, terms have been reviewed to increase cash flow with all franchisees receiving 21 days credit on purchases as well as a rebate scheme that allows them the opportunity to earn up to 4% rebate on their wholesale spend through the group.,

Franchisees welcomed the new arrangements with long-standing franchisee Gareth Wynne of Mold commenting ‘This is a proposition that is stronger than ever before. More flexibility means that we can run our shops in a way that is right for us and the communities in which we operate – making it more rewarding for us and our customers’

Concluding, David Robinson added ‘The vast majority of franchisees have responded extremely positively to the new, improved proposition. They see a brighter future, and many are already talking about how they can further grow wholesale spend to unlock more rewards, with some discussing how we can help to expand their estate as well.’