California Raisins promote bakery ingredients in Ireland

During October 2011 California Raisins and IREKS teamed up with Andrew Ingredients in Ireland to celebrate the ‘Products for all Seasons’ event at the prestigious Hodson Bay resort in Athlone, Central Ireland.

IREKS is the leading bakery ingredients manufacturer in Germany, serving over 18,000 bakeries with dough mixes, yeast products, improvers and confectionery products. IREKS supplies the malt for 25% of all the beer consumed in Germany. Formed in 1851 it is still a family owned business.

Andrew Ingredients supplies all of Ireland with bakery ingredients from single orders and ‘one-offs’ to containers. Andrew is also a family run business having been established 60 years ago. California Raisins have been working closely with IREKS for 4 years in the UK and Germany and during that time have developed over 40 new products containing California Raisins. The event also formed the very first partnership with Andrew Ingredients with California Raisins

The ‘Products for all Seasons’ event brought together the largest collection of Irish bakers to one event in living memory. 147 bakers and bakeries attended the event which showcased 20 products across the calendar year from Winter to Autumn, 13 of which included California Raisins.

A short introduction from Tim Andrew of Andrew Ingredients was followed by Peter Meadows from California Raisins with a presentation on how raisins are produced, the difference between raisins and sultanas and more specifically what makes California Raisins so special, this was followed up by Maurice Van Tongeren, IREKS’ International Sales Director who together with Technical Head, Mathias Wiegl, showcased a range of 20 mixes and finished products, 13 of which included California Raisins. Each product was shared to eat with all of the bakers present before moving on to the next product. As part of their commitment to the event, Andrew Ingredients offered an event special package of buy 4 get one free on all products showcased for orders placed that day, including California Raisins. Following the presentations, the exhibition was thronging with delegates keen to taste and discuss the products in more detail. The Andrew Ingredient sales team were delighted to pick up orders from the very beginning for a range of products.

During the evening presentations Tim Andrew was delighted to announce to those present that 35 tonnes of IREKS mixes had been sold on the day with a further 16 tonnes of California Raisins having been sold that same day.

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