JCB’s new electric lift truck

JCB is shaking up the warehouse truck market by adding a new electric model to its Teletruk range. Launched in 1997, the JCB Teletruk is still the world’s only telescopic lift truck and offers users the benefit of forward reach, with its telescopic boom. With the electric-powered JCB 30-19E, JCB now have a machine capable of operating both inside and outside the warehouse, distribution centre or factory.

In operation at supply chain and manufacturing facilities across the world, the Teletruk is a suitable choice of lift truck at sites where containers, curtain-sided trailers, vans and other delivery vehicles have to be loaded and unloaded quickly, safely and efficiently.

The JCB 30-19E is quiet and produces zero emissions, suited to tasks inside buildings, while its fully sealed, weather-proof body protects the machine’s driveline and other key components from the elements when the Teletruk works outside.

Power is provided by an 80-volt lead acid battery, which can work an eight-hour shift on a single charge. Using a single point hoist or another lift truck, the battery can be swapped in around two minutes, maximising truck uptime.

Like all Teletruk models, the JCB 30-19E features a sidemounted boom and using the unique telescopic forward reach, it has a lift capacity of 1900 kg at 2 metres, so palletised loads weighing can be loaded to the far side of a curtain-sided trailer.

The forward reach functionality eliminates the risk of material and vehicle damage – as well as the potential for injury to personnel – when loading or unloading pallets to and from light goods vehicles, especially vans.

The Teletruk can place a 1600kg load 3 metres into a van, allowing full use of extended wheel-base vehicles. The Teletruk can load three Euro pallets into a van easily and safely within two minutes.

Safety comes as standard as all machines are fitted with Load Motion Control. This patented JCB innovation alerts the operator when reaching full lift or reach capacity with a simple green, amber, red light system and will not allow a load outside the machine’s capabilities, aiding prevention of forward tip.