Sweetdreams Ltd announces launch of new Choc Lick ‘N’ Dip

BRITISH confectionery firm Sweetdreams Ltd has announced that a new product, Choc Lick ‘N’ Dip, will hit shelves in November 2017.

Bringing new product innovation to the market, the Sweetdreams Ltd brand (makers of Choc Nibbles) has launched Choc Lick ‘N’ Dip combining much-loved Choc Lick (a fine, velvety mixture of milk chocolate, nuts and biscuit crumbs) with a fruit lollipop. The pairing of Choc Lick with a hard boiled lollipop allows customers to enjoy their treat on the move and will appeal to the retro sweet’s army of fans, as well as bringing in an audience of younger consumers.

Choc Lick ‘N’ Dip will be available exclusively at B&M stores nationwide from November 2017.

Matt Stephenson, owner and managing director at Sweetdreams Ltd comments: “While Choc Lick and Choc Nibbles’ appeal is well established amongst our audience, we hope the new format will help us reach new audiences and increase brand awareness even further.”

“We’re confident its launch will drive already high sales even further and offer consumers a unique and exciting product which delivers all the Choc Nibbles flavour and taste experience – on the go!”

The UK based chocolatier has recently invested £500,000 in a new 15,000 sq. ft. factory which will drastically increase the company’s output after experiencing unprecedented growth in the past twelve months. Now the business is looking forward to maintaining its rapid rise as a leading name in the confectionery industry as they move into a larger factory with state of the art production technology, recruit across the business and launch a variety of new products.