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Ultimalt-TrayThere is a new face in the malt category which will take malt drinks to a new level. Made with the finest ingredients sourced from the UK and brewed in an award winning brewery, this premium, non alcoholic malt drink has been produced to standards so high that it is in a league of its own. Make way for Ultimalt.

Ultimalt has been described as a perfect combination of sweet satisfaction & rich creaminess providing a delicious malty flavour. Enriched with B vitamins and no added preservatives, Ultimalt is set to become a well known soft drink in all African and Caribbean households in the UK. Ultimalt has been made by malt lovers for malt lovers with years of experience in the malt industry. This experience has resulted in careful consideration going into every aspect of the development of Ultimalt. For example the bespoke glass bottle has been specifically tailored and designed to embody what it is to be the best – slender figure, round curves and an eye catching design.

A large scale marketing campaign will be rolled out in order to create brand awareness within the African Caribbean community including a text and win consumer competition – the first of its kind in the malt category. This ‘mega giveaway’ offers each consumer who purchases a bottle of Ultimalt a chance to win £100 (a total of £100,000 to be given away) via a unique code under each promotional Ultimalt bottle cap.

Ultimalt will also sponsor high profile African Caribbean television programmes along with sell out music and comedy events in London and around the UK. Consumer sampling and a direct marketing campaign will also be activated over the launch period to ensure that Ultimalt is the word on everyone’s lips.

The trade will be incentivised by Ultimalt’s attractive profit margin as well as key point of sale material and a dedicated sales team and customer service helpline.

Ultimalt-Generic-Dry-finalUltimalt will be exclusively distributed in the UK by leading African and Caribbean distributor Kato Enterprises Ltd.

Mr Kayode Toyinbo Director of Kato Enterprises says “Ultimalt is a malt drink like no other malt drink, to be loved by everyone who quite simply, loves a malt drink.”

Produced with the most naturally available ingredients, and brewed & bottled here in the UK, every aspect of Ultimalt is created with perfection in mind. The highest quality brewing processes, the beautifully engineered bespoke bottle, the elegant packaging, and last but certainly not least, a full malt flavour fortified with B vitamins for nourishing goodness’.

Ultimalt is the first drink within the malt category to be sold in a unique handy mega pack (12x330ml) and the vibrant design of the bottle and tray will certainly stand out on the shelf.

Kato Enterprises

Tel: 020 8688 0287


Customer services: 00800 4983 7697

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