st_hel_ent_pack.jpgThis month sees rising star St Helier enjoying some adventures in Tinsel Town. ICB have signed up for a 20 episode sponsorship deal to support their St Helier brand with high profile bumper ads that appear before, during and after the cult comedy drama Entourage, which airs on Thursday nights on ITV2. Sponsorship of the Bafta Award winning show, which focuses on the success, life, loves, and heady and hilarious times of an aspiring actor who has been transported from his native Queens to hedonistic Hollywood and taken his mates along with him, delivers a cult young adult following and a huge slice of target consumer awareness.

The deal secures ICB the equivalent air time of around £1 million and, since the show and the brand are both aimed at sassy, aspirational trend setters, the ideal young adult target audience.Watch Vince, Eric, Turtle, Ari, Drama, and St Helier on ITV2Thursdays 11pm to 11.30pm andThursdays 1:00am to 1:30am

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