151 Products – the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of quality, discount pet care items to the retail sector – has expanded its dog care range with a new addition to its popular Munch & Crunch brand of treats, Munch & Crunch Deli.

151-cocktail-sausagesDeveloped with the health-conscious pet owner in mind, the Munch & Crunch Deli lines contain a high meat count and 100 per cent natural ingredients.

The new range takes inspiration from alfresco-style finger foods and is available in six varieties – cocktail sausages, chicken fingers with cheese, beefy burgers, meaty bones, meaty sausages with bacon and meaty sausages with beef (RRP of £1.49 per pack).

Amanda Lewis, marketing manager at 151 Products, said: “Pet owners are now more aware of healthy options available on the market and are becoming extremely conscious in their buying decisions – especially when it comes to ingredients.

“Consumer demand for transparency in their own food has translated to the pet care market and will continue to be a driver for growth in the category. The Munch & Crunch Deli range allows retailers to tap into this trend, offering consumers a low-value, high-quality treat item that can be used for training and rewarding purposes.”

The Munch & Crunch Deli range follows the launch of a premium treat range last year, which further demonstrates 151 Products’ ability to respond to market trends.

Amanda continued: “Dogs are widely considered as family members by their owners. As such, consumers are keen to provide their pets with meals and treats containing only the highest quality ingredients.”

The Munch & Crunch Deli lines have been available for retailers to stock since October. Please visit www.151.co.uk or call the sales team on 0161 839 5949 for further information.

Tel: 0161 839 5949


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