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The continued growth of Hörmann’s 24/7 service support is benefiting from greater awareness of regulatory issues throughout the logistics industry. From a major distribution centre to a single loading bay, by working with a manufacturer, such as Hörmann, many companies are seeing improvements in operational efficiency whilst ensuring they are fully compliant with all health and safety standards.


Not only does the service support provide the peace of mind that all the safety aspects of the maintenance have been carried out correctly but it minimises downtime and helps to maximise the utilisation of equipment. As well as improving efficiency in this way, both whole life costs and environmental impact are also reduced since the lifespan of equipment is often increased. To reflect this Hörmann is also able to offer extended warranties for its own equipment when service contracts are included, adding further value.

As well as regular maintenance programmes, twenty-four hour breakdown and accident cover is essential for the highly efficient operations that the UK logistics industry runs, in order to maximise utilisation and ensure safety is never compromised.

Hörmann’s service, maintenance and emergency cover is all recorded on a real-time support system. The linking of the tablet computers carried by the service engineers to the central system also creates a database of equipment or assets to ensure that maintenance schedules are met in a timely fashion. Importantly this system will keep records of all actions and recommendations in one place, creating a simplified audit trail and ensuring that the correct data is always on hand for insurance and risk assessment purposes.

Additionally the relevant data is readily available to check that all equipment is compliant with the recently introduced CE marking regulations.

This recording and management reporting system has been developed to encompass all loading bay equipment and industrial doors whatever the make, as Hörmann engineers now offer service and repair options for all your loading bay and industrial door needs.

Regular service and maintenance can save you time and money. For more information on the support and extended warranties available, contact Hörmann’s service team on 01530 516856

Hörmann Group

Tel: 01530 516888


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