Vaping has been called the most significant contribution to public health since penicillin. 2016 sees a new era for the vaping industry.


In May 2016, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) from the European Commission will bring into force a stringent set of standards and regulations on the manufacture and sale of vaping products across Europe. TPD has caused trepidation among some manufacturers. Others are more confident.

The merits of vaping over smoking have been argued by highly-regarded bodies and institutions, doctors and medical researchers. At the same time, from other quarters has come criticism claiming that vaping is harmful and no better than cigarettes.

The main reason for this disparity of opinion is that until now there has been no single standard for vaping products. This has allowed poor quality hardware and liquids to be sold (in many case imported) by bandwagonjumpers with little or no regard for the end user’s safety (or indeed pleasure). Negative studies have been based on poor products. The TPD sets out to resolve this inconsistency in standards.

Archie Powell, MD of awardwinning e-liquid manufacturers Decadent Vapours (DV) welcomes the challenge.

“A well-regulated industry will mean that quality of product and stringency of manufacturing process are the rule, not optional extras. We’ve always adhered to the highest standards, and we have already ensured we have the facilities and processes in place to meet the demands of TPD.”

So what is the appeal of vaping?

Smoking is not just an addiction to nicotine – it is indeed ‘a habit’. Smokers get used to holding something in their hand and periodically bringing it up to their mouth.

They enjoy the sensation of inhaling and the feeling on the back of the throat. They enjoy the feel of the exhale, and the look of the cloud produced.

Obviously they do not enjoy the health risks and the nasty lingering smell of smoke.

So when trying to give up smoking, it is all the above elements of the ‘habit’ that have to be withdrawn from, or safely substituted, not just the nicotine.

Vaping still involves holding something in your hand and inhaling from it. In varying degrees it facilitates the production of a vapour cloud (not smoke. Nothing is burned in an e-cigarette). It can even give you a throat hit (or not, according to choice). Currently it can often be enjoyed in places which have long since banned smoking.

The key difference lies in the ingredients. The average cigarette contains over 4000 ingredients, many proven to be carcinogenic; by contrast high quality e-liquids contain a maximum of 4 ingredients:water, glycol, flavourings and nicotine. In tests, the exhale from good quality e-liquid has been found to contain no more – and in some instances fewer – impurities than normal air.

This is why vaping is so good as a smoking cessation product; most of ‘the habit’ is still there, but safely so and in fact vaping has been proved to be in the region of 60% more effective than any other nicotine replacement product on the market.

Beyond that, people find vaping enjoyable for the flavours and even for the opportunity of mixing their own.

Vaping allows for a vast variety of tastes: from sweets to savouries, menthols to fruits, from banoffee to lemonade, from coffee to Turkish delight… and of course tobacco if the desire for that taste is still alive. You can even choose the nicotine level (right down to zero), and the level of cloud-production.

In 2016, the vaping industry is booming, but for their own sake and that of their customers, retailers need to be sure of what they are selling.

TPD ensures that e-liquids manufactured in the UK will meet standards that those in liquids imported from outside the EU – especially from China and the USA – do not.

Decadent Vapours’ commitment to quality without compromise has long been recognised in the industry. Not only does it offer a vast range of flavours (currently 90) and mixing kits, it supplies flavour concentrates to a number of other leading brands. It is also a founder member of ECITA, the longest-running trade association for the electronic cigarette industry. And it manufactures all its e-liquids in a state of the art laboratory at its premises in Swansea.

Quality builds trust. In the recent 2015 E-Cigclick awards for the vaping industry, as voted for by the public, Decadent Vapours won the following categories: UK eliquid Brand of the Year; Best Value e-liquid; Best flavour eliquid; Best Overall Company; Best Customer Service.

So if you stock Decadent Vapours, you can relax in the knowledge that you are giving your customers the best, made here in the UK according to the highest standards and using only the finest of ingredients.

And when you give people the best, they will keep coming back – vape after vape.

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