A Powrmatic TE61 500kW air rotation heater is delivering highly efficient heating at Senator International’s warehouse in Lancashire, with additional loading bay heating from a VPC 90kW floor standing warm air heater. The system was designed by specialist HVAC installers CK Services 1990.Ltd.

Powrmatic-TE-at-Senator-1Senator International is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in the UK, with a strong focus on delivering innovative workplace solutions. The company is committed to minimising its environmental impact and energy efficiency plays a key role in this.

“We needed to give Senator a heating system that would maintain suitable environmental conditions for both staff and warehouse stock, while minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions,” recalled CK’s Andy Smith. “It was clear that a Powrmatic TE air rotation heater would meet these criteria more effectively than a distributed warm air or radiant system. Using a single, free standing air rotation heater also helped to reduce installation and ongoing lifecycle costs.

“As a higher temperature was required for the loading area we also installed a VPC 90 warm air heater, enabling the TE heater to maintain low return temperatures and maximise performance. The heaters are controlled via the building management system, but the TE unit has a separate modulation function operated by a sensor in the return air section of the heater,” he added.

Powrmatic TE heaters use high efficiency axial fans which move large volumes of air through the space at relatively low temperatures, typically recycling the air within the space every 30 minutes. Their ability to maintain set point temperatures is not affected by the layout of the space, making them ideal for warehousing applications, such as that at Senator International.

Further information

Powermatic: www.powrmatic.co.uk

CK Services 1990.Ltd: www.industrialwarmairheaters.co.uk

Senator International: www.senator.co.uk

Adam Tovey

Tel: 01460 53535

E: sales@powrmatic.co.uk


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