Kohlico Brands UK Ltd are famous for their tasty innovation in foods – and they’re right tasty geezers with the old rhyming slang when it comes to talking about their products. That’s rabbiting about their nosh to you, tosh!


Need a lemon squeezy (easy) meal? Kohlico’s Hazel Valdez thinks you should give a Jonathan Ross (come on, mate, use your noggin…) about this! Wanna open a pot full of fab flavours? Label them what you wish, but Kohlico’s Yankee Doodles – their Bang Bang Noodles – will deliver taste right to your apple pips.

Enough chat. The long wait is finally over. After two years of extensive research, many different taste panels and investing in continuous improvements in line with market trends, Kohlico are pleased to announce the arrival of their newest innovative Bang Bang Noodle noodle pots.

There are four fab flavours in all, each one tasty enough in its own right to put the smile back on your boat race:

Bangkok Nice ‘n’ Spicy – Characterised by its distinctive hot and sour taste

Cheeky Chicken Green Curry – one bite is enough to feel like you’re setting foot in Thailand. It’s spicy with a hint of sweet.

Chicken Feel Good – Superb chicken flavor

Ruby Murray Curry – strong, spicy and subtly flavoured, with a great underlying taste

Kohlico Brands’ Bang Bang Noodles come in super cool, animated, vibrant coloured pots, satisfying the tastes of today’s generation of snack lovers in taste and looks. Bang Bang Noodles are easy to prepare and fill you up, ready to eat in just three minutes. Each flavour comes with a fork for extra convenience and a fully resealable lid to keep it warm. So go on, put them on your dwarves and elves (shelves!)

Tel: 020 8385 3700


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