Introducing the new Best-in own label brand:

  • Bestway Wholesale has launched its new and prized Best-in own label range. The new range has been specially designed for its quality and value – targeting value offer within our partner C-stores. Consumers are looking for great value alternatives due to the fact that inflation is driving them to opt out of categories or reduce frequency of purchase across branded lines.
  • The new Best-in range has been created against three core principles and measurements:
    • Bestin Margin
    • Bestin Value
    • Bestin Quality
  • The ‘Best-in’ range is a re-brand of our legacy Best-one own label brand. A key driver for the re-brand is to have a brand that is more agnostic, which recognises the diverse market and breadth of our businesses (i.e. where we have several symbol bands).
  • Within the range, over 160 new products have been launched covering key ambient grocery categories including Impulse and ‘core’ Grocery.
  • There are exciting new product development lines that take their place within the new Best-in range e.g. award-winning sweets, soft drinks and Cold Coffee as well as laundry items.
  • The new range is a mix of new products as well as reformulated and repackaged existing lines.
  • The Best-in range offers retailers a minimum margin of 30% up to 75%. Furthermore certain products such as our cold coffees are on offer at unbeatable and exceptional price points.
  • A key driver behind our Best-in range is to ensure the range is available and accessible to all our customer base, regardless of the fascia.
  • Every member of the Bestway Wholesale business has access to the full Best-in range.

Initial performance: 

Early sales performance is showing double digit growth, which is expected to grow as we roll out the range. 

Quotes from Dawood Pervez – Managing Director, Bestway Wholesale:

“Our trading teams have worked tirelessly with key suppliers to create our new Best-in range – a range that resonates with all of our symbol groups and independent retailers. 

“With cost-of-living pressures, it was inevitable that consumers would look for quality alternatives to branded goods and we have reacted to the market conditions to deliver this progressive range that offers affordable quality. 

“For retailers looking to respond to market conditions and meet their customers’ needs, our exclusive Best-in range is a winning solution that delivers a quality product to the consumer at an affordable price, whilst delivering the retailer more margin to help them grow their business”.

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