Operators embracing “Beermunch” trend see a 350%1 boost in bar snack profits 

As the trend for premium beer keeps growing in the UK, pub and bar operators are starting to recognise the revenue opportunity in the emerging “Beermunch” trend – hot bar snacks to help satisfy those looking for food to accompany social drinks occasions. Brew City – which sits under the McCain Foodservice Solutions umbrella – has launched a guide – ‘It’s Beermunch’ – to demonstrate how this change in consumer habits presents real commercial opportunities to operators.

Findings from the report reveal that millennials are abandoning traditional beer brands and ‘boring’ bar snacks for premium beer and appetising hot bar snacks, gravitating towards pubs and bars that offer this quality experience. This is proving to be a win-win opportunity for operators embracing the so-called “Beermunch” revolution. Selling an average of 3,000 premium hot snacks – instead of standard ones – would increase profits by 350%1 per year and could double craft beer sales as customers stay longer.

The guide arms operators with five top tips to create a well-crafted “Beermunch” menu. These include (1) a focus on a simple, quality driven snack menu, (2) offering customers good value for money with deals on two or three dishes, (3) crafting a hot snacks menu that offers the right balance of complementary crowd pleasers that are profitable when sold as a bundle deal, (4) making sure the snacks are easy to eat, dip & share, and (5) ensuring the snack offering stands out with clear signposting on the bar, menu and website

The guide looks at inspirational “Beermunch” menu ideas from London and Leeds leading hipster venues and the full Brew City range. Examples of pairings include Herby Tomato & Mozzarella Arancini Bites that are ideally paired with Whitbier, Salt & Pepper Potato Pops (mini barrels of crispy shredded potato) with Pilsner and Fiery Battered Jalapeno Slices with Brown Ale.

Robin Norton, Category Controller, McCain Foodservice Solutions commented: “The report is designed to help operators tune into the trend, demonstrate the incremental spend opportunities and provide guidance on how to play their role in the “Beermunch” revolution through case studies and expert tips.

“With the trend only expected to grow, pubs and bars have an opportunity to attract consumers with a great, shareable experience (socially and on social media) while increasing their income.”

To see the full report and latest insights, the “It’s Beermunch” Guide can be downloaded at:


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