Holidays for the young aren’t what they used to be. Once Britain’s youth couldn’t wait to escape their parents to see the big wide world, but now it seems the nation’s young adults would rather stay within safe reach of mum’s apron strings.

Indeed, new research from Mintel finds there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of young Brits who feel the need to escape from their parents when holidaying. In 2008, over a third (36%) of Britain’s youngsters aged between 16 and 25 longed to escape from their parents, but today this figure has declined to just 23%.

It seems tough economic conditions are having a strong influence on the level of independence viable for young holidaymakers, but that’s not the only influence. Indeed, almost a fifth of Britain’s young (18%) say they can not afford to go on holiday without their mum and dad – a figure which is actually down six percentage points (24%) since 2008.

Tom Rees, Senior Travel Analyst at Mintel, said: “Young travellers are becoming less negative towards the idea of family holidays. While the Recession may have played its part in encouraging Britain’s young adults to get a paid for break with their family, these figures highlight the fact that its not about cost for those choosing to do so. However, Recession-driven recruitment freezes have hit graduates particularly hard and created a real fear that a ‘lost generation’ will be the legacy – influencing both their attitudes towards holidays and their ability to travel.”


Meanwhile, almost a quarter (22%) of this age group say that difficulty in finding a job is making it harder to go on holiday and almost one in ten youngsters (9%) complain about problems they have with student loans which have made it harder to go on holiday. And the future doesn’t look too bright for those parents longing to return to a quiet break for two, as around a quarter (23%) of those aged between 16 and 25 admit that they are likely to go on holiday with their parents again in the future.

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