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There’s no better way to relax on a long summer evening than inviting family and friends over, firing up the barbeque and supping cold beers.

This year mix up your barbeque gathering and steer away from tradition.

Spicing up meat and salads with Oriental flavours is a sure way to impress your guests but you can go one step further and offer beers to complement the flavours in your sizzling dishes. Get the cool box ready!

The UK’s leading Oriental grocer, Wing Yip offers a huge own-brand range of sauces to awaken the senses this summer, perfect for glazing or marinating meat fish and vegetables to throw on the barbeque.

Mr Wing Yip, founder and chairman of the Oriental grocery empire, said: “Summer is the perfect time to sample a taste of the Orient. Our Hoi Sin, Oyster, mushroom or Kung Po sauces add spice and flavour to any British barbecue.

“Sipping on beers to enhance the flavours is the best way to soak up the British summer and get the most from your alfresco dining.”

Wing Yip recommends you look no further than the origins of your dish to ensure you pair it with the perfect beer. Strong, rich flavours suit a bold, distinctive beer. With lighter, more subtle dishes you need to be careful not to overpower them and it is best to opt for a paler, lighter beer.

If you’re still unsure Wing Yip has put together the following guide to help your barbeque really sizzle.


Tsingtao is China’s best-known beer. It has a mild flavour and honey-like aftertaste. It’s well-hopped character means it is well suited to most Chinese dishes. Try it with your barbecued dishes or beef in black bean sauce.


Thai cuisine can be highly spicy and traditional dishes combine both fragrant and fiery ingredients, including coconut milk, lemongrass, chilli and garlic. Thai classics include Thai Green Curry, Red Green Curry, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Pad Thai Sauce.

To match the flavours of Thai food, try premium lager Singha, a full-bodied pale lager. Singha is made from one hundred per cent barley and it’s a lively beer, rich in taste. Alternatively, try Chang, which has a sparkling gold appearance and a smooth, crisp taste.


For an authentic experience then pair Kirin Ichibin with a starter of tempura, sushi or sashimi. As one of Japan’s best selling lagers, Ichibin is a light lager, brewed to contain less bitter-tasting tannins and is perfect with the delicate flavours found in Japanese dishes.

Why not carry out your own taste test with Wing Yip’s Five Beer Gift Pack – a collection of five beers from China, Thailand and Japan.

Available online from or, the pack contains Chang Beer – 330ml, Sapporo Premium Beer – 330ml, Singha Beer – 330ml, Ichiban Kirin Beer – 300ml and Tsingtao Beer – 330ml. Bottles are also sold individually in store or online.

Customers must be 18 or over. Wing Yip promotes responsible drinking.

Wing Yip is the UK’s leading Chinese grocer, with stores in Birmingham, Manchester, Cricklewood and Croydon

Each store is situated close to the city centre with easy access to the motorway and plenty of free car parking for customers.

A visit to one of our stores is like taking a trip around the world with over 2,500 products from the Far East.

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