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The increasing popularity of the lunchbox is good news for wholesalers looking to boost profits from biscuit sales. So says David Costello, Category and Activation Controller of Burton’s Foods Limited, the second biggest manufacturer in the UK’s £2 billion biscuit market.

The message comes as research confirms that four out of every ten children’s lunchboxes contain a biscuit.* What’s more, the number of children’s lunchboxes containing biscuits has grown by 22 per cent in the last four years.*

“We have responded to this growth in demand by offering many of our best-selling brands, including Dodgers and Maryland Cookies, in bitesize pieces in smaller packs that allow parents the portion control they are seeking” says David.

“The mini size biscuits make lunchtime more fun for children. Also, for mums who want to take a packet to work, they can easily pop a mini size bag into their handbag or pocket.”

As there are now 4 billion* lunchbox occasions each year, in a market estimated to be worth £5.5 billion* and growing in value at 10 per cent*, Burton’s Foods is urging retailers not to overlook adult lunchboxes which account for 70% of the market.*

“Two thirds of all adults now eat lunch at their desks, partly as a cost-saving measure but also due to the pressures of work. This is another opportunity to drive biscuit sales in relation to the key lunchtime occasion,” adds Costello.

Among the range of adult biscuits targeted by Burton’s Foods at the lunchbox sector is Wagon Wheels, the iconic biscuit brand valued at £15 million.

“Wagon Wheels are a popular eat and a great addition to the lunchbox, particularly for people who want to enjoy a biscuit they have grown up with” concludes Costello.

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