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Being the world leaders in our area of state of the art health and safety barrier systems, it’s only right that A-Safe work with some of the world’s biggest and best names.

As Coca-Cola say, you can’t beat the real thing and when they keep coming back to us to install more barrier at their sites, we know that we’re doing something right.

Our latest installation is at the Coca Cola manufacturing plant in Wakefield, where a range of segregation and protection has been installed. This time, the installation has gone outside the plant, and as well as protecting the building and segregating pedestrians safely, it adds a certain brightness and vibrancy to the building, as the pictures below show.

The new external installation at Wakefield includes:

• Pedestrian barrier

• Traffic barrier (double rail)

• Bollards

• Traffic plus

Health and safety is vital to all businesses, but especially to a company the size of Coca-Cola.  At this site, which is 77,000 sqm in size, and can have up to 600 employees working on it at any one time, the best protection is a necessity and that’s where A-Safe come in.

A-Safe are a preferred partner for Coca-Cola, and the list of other sites that use A-Safe is quite impressive:

• Coca-Cola, Malvern bottling plant in Worcestershire.

• Abbey Well water brand, Morpeth bottling site in Northumberland.

• Coca-Cola in Lisburn, Northern Ireland  – Traffic barrier double rail.

• Coca-Cola Dunkirk plant, Impact Plus barriers, with self-returning slider gates.

• Coca Cola Amatil, Brisbane in Australia – Traffic Barrier + 200.

• Coca-Cola Milton Keynes – Pedestrian Barrier.

• Coca-Cola – Castanet, Toulson in France – Traffic Barrier .

• Coca-Cola –  Drikker AS – Norway – Pedestrian barrier.

• Coca-Cola – Sochaux, France – Impact plus + Traffic Barrier double rail.

A-Safe is the most innovative safety barrier system ever.

The secret of A-Safe’s success lies in the polymer-based material that all the products in the range are made from. Unlike steel, which simply dents or crumples when a vehicle hits it, an A-Safe barrier will spring back into shape, thanks to its built-in memory. Naturally, this greatly reduces the need for damage repairs, both to the barrier and to the vehicle itself. It’s a principle that the motor industry adopted long ago, which is why you’ll only find plastic bumpers on cars these days.

A-Safe (UK) Limited

Tel: 01422 344402


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