ghengland.jpgGH England announces an exclusive sales agreement with Metalfrio Solutions. GH England, the commercial refrigeration wholesale and distribution arm of the Project First Group, is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Metalfrio Solutions. This global manufacturer of refrigeration equipment produces over 1.3 million units per year, generating revenues of €400 million, and for many years GH England has sold Metalfrio’s Esta branded products. At recent discussions between Hamish Sinclair (National Sales Manager, GH England) and Richard Spurgeon (Group Sales and Marketing Director, the Project First Group), with Aykut Ug?ur (European Sales Director, Metalfrio Solutions) and Ulla Danielsen (Export Manager, Metalfrio Solutions), it was agreed the company will now also sell the genuine, Metalfrio manufactured, Caravell product exclusively throughout the UK.

Commenting on the deal, Richard Spurgeon says: “With GH England being part of the Project First Group it has always been our intention to expand the portfolio and further develop our product offering. The Caravell brand has always held a strong position in the UK refrigeration marketplace, and with the recent changes in the market, the opportunity to sell Caravell product on a totally exclusive basis throughout the UK is a great boost for GH England; In addition it demonstrates the strong relationship developing between Project First and Metalfrio.”

Aykut Ug?ur of Metalfrio commented: “The Company is very pleased to give GH England exclusive distribution rights for its Caravell brand in the UK. As GH England is now part of the Project First Group, it is very well positioned to give the brand the focus and effort required to drive sales forward.”

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