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black_grouse.jpgEdrington’s The Black Grouse Scotch Whisky is available in the UK exclusively from Sainsbury’s stores. The product has already proved to be a great success, flying off the shelves across the Nordic and Baltic regions as well as in Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and, since March this year, in Russia. Getting the packaging right for this important launch was paramount. Environmentally friendly packaging which had a premium look was essential; and Chesapeake Packaging met the brief with an exciting and innovative carton design to ensure brand values were reflected and the product had great standout on shelf.

Recent research shows that cartons are perceived as being premium and high quality in addition to being environmentally friendly: the perfect combination for The Black Grouse’s launch. In addition, the latest European report ‘The effect of packaging on brand recognition’, commissioned by Pro Carton, the Association of European cartonboard and carton manufacturers, has found that cartons offer a distinct advantage in getting products recognised on the supermarket shelf and increase the likelihood of being purchased.

A further study shows there is evidence that packaging attractiveness has a significant impact on human brain activity and has a major impact on purchasing decisions. The study found that attractive packaging stimulates specific brain areas often associated with processing positive emotions like happiness and motivation. Stimulating packaging design not only plays a decisive role at the point of purchase but could also be crucial to customer loyalty and future market success.

Environmental considerations are also important to consumers. Edrington specified in their packaging brief that the carton must be made from FSC accredited board, meaning it was derived from sustainable woodland.

Edrington wanted to ensure that the whole product, including its packaging, took environmental issues into account. They are supporting the RSPB by donating 50p per bottle sold to conservation work in the UK – supporting conservation of the black grouse.

The carton design was achieved by printing five colours plus an all over satin varnish whilst highlighting The Black Grouse illustration and brand text with a spot gloss varnish. The application of gold foil blocking and a detailed emboss achieved even further definition to complete what the company believes is an outstanding and unique value added carton.

Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Headquarters in Brussels, it has offices in 11 countries in Europe who, through various publications, activities and events, promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to a wide variety of people and groups.

For more information about cartonboard and cartons please visit:, alternatively call Jennifer Buhaenko on 01371 856 577 or email

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