Industrial safety specialist Castell has launched an enhanced version of its Iso-Lok padlock range. The new range features a more complex differ code system, increasing the overall safety level offered to customers.


Castell’s tracking system already ensures that each padlock supplied to a site is unique. This removes the issue of keys fitting multiple padlocks and therefore reduces risk in lockout / tagout procedures. The company’s enhanced range of padlocks now takes the separation of differ codes one stage further.

“The quality of the Iso-Lok range is very important to our client base,” said David Hughes, Castell’s Sales Director. “By increasing the integrity of our padlocks we have effectively increased the safety of the Iso-Lok range.

This product improvement – coupled with our ability to track differ codes, paint and engrave padlocks – delivers substantial value to our customers.”

Castell Safety International Ltd

David Hughes

Tel: 020 8200 1200


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