Citizen’s CMP 20 and 30 printers now come with the extra, advanced capability of communicating with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth. This will offer a typical on-road user – such as a delivery driver or service technician – a new, convenient way to carry out on-the-spot printing.


The new capability fills an important gap in the market where integration between mobile devices and printers is concerned. Citizen printers can already talk via WiFi with Apple handhelds, but this relies on the user being in range of an accessible wireless LAN. Now, Citizen printers contain Bluetooth chips that can communicate with Apple devices, bringing a new level of functionality and convenience to users.

Citizen also offers valuable assistance in getting the capability up and running swiftly, making sure users are aware of the preparations that need to be made to take full advantage of the new capability.

“Citizen can provide a SDK – a software development toolkit – which allows an app developer to integrate the CMP printers quickly and easily,” says Jörk Schüßler, European Marketing Manager for Citizen Systems Europe. “A good developer can have printing functionality up and running in half an hour using our SDK. All the developer needs to do is add a printing function to the app. This is the bit that many other manufacturers seem to ignore, or maybe even gloss over but Citizen’s SDK makes it easy.”

The new Citizen iOS-Bluetooth capability for the CMP20 and CMP30 is further proof of Citizen’s desire to deliver optimum performance and functionality backed by outstanding customer support services. Both printers are available now and in stock.

Citizen has produced a video that explains how the new iOS-Bluetooth capability works and how it can support customers. To watch the video visit:

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