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star1.jpgA major breakthrough in achieving Sustainable logistics from Orion Web Technologies Ltd the leading developer of IT logistics solutions. They announce the launch of the Orion StarC product as an addition to their existing suite of leading edge solutions. Orion helps companies identify unnecessary processes within their logistics and then provides solutions that deliver real improvements and cost savings. These solutions are designed to achieve efficiency gains through the adoption of intelligent and dynamic processes that are scaleable and can swiftly respond to change. The deployment of these solutions invariably results in greater productivity, lower energy usage and reduced carbon emissions.

Company director John Whitehorn points out that the increasing awareness and concern about Carbon emissions and their impact on the environment is now driving purchasing decisions. Sustainability is now a forefront issue and the demands for effective solutions will continue. Therefore those organisations that take this concern into account and update their processes accordingly will demonstrate that they are pursuing a managed energy and emissions reduction policy and will prosper at the expense of others.

Orion StarC enables companies  to easily and accurately identify and then report their carbon footprint. Simply incorporate the Orion StarC calculator within your existing systems and the carbon footprint is automatically calculated and reported. By using existing relevant commercial and operational data from within your system very little setup and maintenance is needed. The carbon footprint can be calculated as an annualised figure or as individual transaction costs.

By shirking environmental responsibilities and ignoring the impact of their carbon footprint companies are letting down their shareholders, staff and customers. There are significant commercial benefits to be gained by reducing your carbon footprint and perhaps two of the most tangible are firstly, costs are simultaneously reduced and secondly it also pleases customers.

Orion StarC gives you maximum competitive advantage by enabling you to be transparent about your environmental initiatives and impress your customers.

Orion Web Technologies Ltd
John Whitehorn
Tel: 0870 922 0909

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